Engagement Adventures at Ramapo

Whew! With everything that has been going on lately, I haven’t had the chance to gush about the fun I had working with Meaghan and Steven for their engagement session last month. I think a little lightheartedness is in order, don’t you?


Every couple is unique, which makes their engagement session unique to match them – Meaghan and Steven are no different! I was contacted by Meaghan’s sister, Caitlin, in late June regarding booking- she was going to purchase the session as a gift to her sister. (How sweet is that, right??) Caitlin, Meaghan and I group-chatted about the shoot, arranging a date and how Meaghan and Steven wanted to present their relationship.


That’s where we changed the game a bit. Instead of a “standard” session at a park, or in my studio- woods were opted for. And once we narrowed down a few more things- Ramapo State was the winner for locations! Meaghan and Steven happen to be hikers and have a few favorite trails, including one in Ramapo- the Castle Point Trail- that leads up to the ruins of a ‘castle’, otherwise known as Van Slyke Castle. This is where we opted to do the most of the session.


And what a perfect day it was! Aside from me getting a bit lost on the meeting point (the downsides of not being up north Jersey more often anymore, I don’t know all the entrance points!), the weather was absolutely fantastic and the trail wasn’t overly crowded. (Bonus: Basically NO bugs, either.)  We had a lovely hike up the trail, chatting and getting to know one another a bit better. As is normal with me, I snagged pictures along the walk of them being sweet with one another. Seriously- these two are way too adorable with one another, and you can just tell how much they love one another.

Then we got to the ruins. I had only seen a picture or two from the internet research – seeing it in real life is a completely different experience. (I can already say that it’s a place I will be returning to and has sparked so many future photo ideas.)


Honestly, how could you not want to go here?

As you can tell from some of the preceding pictures, we played quite a bit in the ruins. Once Meaghan and Steven got used to me just hanging around and snapping images, you could really see how they interacted with one another. It was as if I wasn’t even there – which is exactly how I want it! Don’t let the clicking of my camera distract you. I love when couples are so involved in one another that they forget they’re doing a photo shoot- minimal posing is required and, more importantly, the images come out so much more genuine. Even when it did come to some of the more posed shots, they were so tuned to each other it made it easy to just direct and let them find where they felt the balance was.


Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever had a session that  I was unhappy with – but working with Meaghan and Steven definitely jumped to being one of my favorites of 2017. From being able to work with such a relaxed, fun couple to spending the session hiking in the woods- I am honored they chose to go with me for their engagement photos and I wish them nothing but the best in the future!

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Photo Session Tips and Tricks: Timing is Everything

Time. Something we never have enough of, something we’re always monitoring and chasing and trying to balance. Timing affects many things in life- including, of course, photo sessions and photographers.

There are two different aspects of timing when it comes to photography that I’m going to address in today’s blog entry: Timing when it comes to scheduling a shoot, and communication on times when it comes to day of the shoot.

When it comes to scheduling a photo shoot: 

Life is a thing. We all have one- and we all try to fill with as many hobbies, plans, friends and jobs as we can. Most of the time, when you are talking to a photographer about scheduling a photo shoot, you are both looking at your life and calendar of events to see what will mesh together the best for a successful, stress-less shoot. Many photographers nowadays are working more than one job- such is society- so they are juggling to give you the best availability while not killing themselves in the process. Be understanding, and be patient! We are human, too.

This goes hand in hand with….

When booking the time of your photo shoot: 

This falls more to on-location shoots than studio shoots, as you can control the lights indoors – the sun is it’s own master! If you’re booking an outdoor shoot, trust your photographer to tell you times that will work the best in the sense of light. Most of the time, a photographer will suggest early in the morning or later in the afternoon/early evening. The reason behind this is because the light is softer during these times – harsh noon light overhead tends to make getting that “perfect” shot more difficult – plus, no one wants to be squinting the entire shoot! This doesn’t mean shoots don’t happen at other times, because they obviously do. They are just the preferred times – especially in hotter months, noon tends to be the highest heat point.

Shooting in the morning is wonderful because everyone is just starting their day, so they are fresh and not yet bogged down from the dealings of the day. End of the day shoots have their own magic – at the end of a stressful day, a shoot could be a relaxing come down!

Communicating the day before and day of your shoot: 

Communication is key to pretty much everything in life- communicating with your photographer is no different. I always recommend shooting over an email or text the day before your shoot date to ensure everything is ready to go – most of the time, your photographer will do this, but just in case! Go over any last minute details and information either of you may need.

The day of your shoot- keep in contact! Let your photographer know when you’re on your way, or if something comes up and you’re stuck in traffic. Try to be early or on time to your shoot. You never know how many are booked in a day with your photographer! Think of going to a doctor’s office – there’s always overlapping scheduling going on. If you have to cancel- give as much advance notice as possible. 

If you’re running late… 

… You’re running into the time of your booking. Here’s something to think about- like mentioned previously, think of it as a doctor’s office, where appointments are booked back to back. Photographers are of the service industry as well. We can book one shoot a day, or we can book 10. If you’re late to your appointment (and I’m talking more than 5 minutes), you’re causing a back up with everyone else’s appointment. In order to try and keep everything in order and everyone appeased, photographers have to stick to their schedules. What does this mean? If you’re late to your appointment – then that’s on you. Twenty minutes late? Then that’s twenty minutes less of shooting time. Two hours late and your shoot was only booked for two hours? Then I’m sorry, but you’ve missed your booking. Speak to your photographer about rescheduling, or view their policies.

However – this works in reverse as well. Your photographer should be communicating with you as well. If your photographer is late – then that’s time they owe you.

Again- we’re all human. Life happens. Things get in the way. Just communicate.


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Posing 101 – Inspiration Boards

While I’ve been quiet over here in terms of blog posting, I haven’t forgotten! I’ve been taking what little down time I have and formulating up some Pinterest boards for a very important topic that I’m constantly asked about – Posing!

Posing is a basic thing that takes part in every photo. A pose can make or break a photo, to be honest. Taking selfies? You automatically are looking for the best angles and poses to have the best selfie on Instagram. (That’s why we take so many. Don’t see one you like?Take ’em all over again until you get one you do.)

When it comes to working with me, at least, I always have my clients start by going through poses they do on a normal basis. Sit as you would normally. Stand how you would daily. Show me how you lounge. Make silly faces at me. Let me see, without directly asking, what you feel your best sides are. From there, I will ask about any inspiration images you have saved of poses you want to try, or will start gently nudging you into poses that are flattering for what we are shooting.

For those who are always into research beforehand- I created (and will be constantly be updating) the following boards!

For ladies and those who are female-identifying, you can go here.

For gentlemen and male-identifying folks, this one is yours.

Expecting or trying to get a photo with children, or just more than one of you trying to get a photo together? Here’s yours!

Are you a couple looking for something cute to do? Here’s a posing board just for you.


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Who are You, Anyway? A Photographer’s Question

I read an article last night in Shutter magazine that really made me stop and think about how I have approached the photography industry and how I represent myself. The article was talking about your “tribe” and how to brand yourself, vs what so many do. You can read it here.

Upon reading the article, I realized I fell into the trap so many photographers do- rather than focus on what I enjoy shooting and what makes photography such a joy instead of a job for me- I was grasping at everything that would come my way,  just for some semblance of income. Don’t get me wrong- photography as an income supplement is important to me, it helps me pay my bills and keep a roof over my head- but my passion for photography is above that. It’s my art that drives me, not the dollar signs.

People don’t go to photographers just for the pictures they’ll receive (though that is a pretty large reason), they go for the experience. When you’re trying to appease everyone and shoot everything– what kind of experience can you really offer your client? A harried, impersonal session? No set of photos that gleam over the others? Lackluster work, at best? It does nothing for you, your brand, or your work to go about trying to do all the things.

(This isn’t to say you can’t offer to shoot a wide variety of things- many of us are able to cover a good selection of genres easily. But there is always one or two style types that stand out above the rest in our portfolios- and those should be our main focus.)

In this day and age of social media, people- your potential clients- want to know about you. Who are you? Why are you shooting? What makes you photograph what you do? What is your passion? They don’t just want to see your work on social media, they also want to see bits and pieces of you. Behind the scenes images. Feedback from clients. Snapshots of your pets, your kids, your other hobbies, your home life. By making them feel like they’re a part of your life, you gain members of your “tribe”. (Ah, hip words. How out of touch I feel with them sometimes.) This isn’t to say you should post all your personal laundry online- but don’t be distant, either. Having a great day at the beach, just relaxing? Why not take a quick cell-phone shot of your view and upload it, letting your fans know? About to go on a vacation you’ve been dreaming of? Ask your fans for some input on the best food places to go while at your destination! It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

We all have that line of “photographer of blah blah years, blah blah area, blah blah blah”. But get deeper. What’s your passion? (Noticing a trend yet? I hope so.)

Well, what about Kat Lucille Photo?  What’s my passion?

For myself, I’ve been re-directing my website and work to reflect who I am, as oppose to continually grabbing at straws. I started a few months ago when I did determine that my primary photography focus is conceptual, emotive imagery, easily on par with my  nature photography. I love being able to tell stories, send a message, or just make you think with my photographs, and I absolutely adore working with other creative individuals who want to show off that side of themselves as well.

I have several book projects going on right now that reflect just that- my Let Me Cover You in Flowers, What Lurks in the Deep and In the Hidden Places are all conceptual works. After all, no standard beauty shoot is really going to include a siren crawling out of the ocean with webbed hands, is it? I have plans for glitter baths and models in pools filled with sprinkles. Not things you see every day.

On the other side of the coin, I also have my #LoveisLove project going on- where I am showcasing all kinds of love. In this world of so much pain, sometimes people find it hard to look for the silver linings. I want to show them that there are bright spots, no matter where you look. Friend love, pet love, relationship love, parental love- you name it, I want it shown.

As a fierce believer in women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, mental health, and animal rights- I have drift towards imagery that showcases these feelings as well.

I want to empower women, particularly those who have been bad places, like I have. I want women to be comfortable in their skin an not ashamed of how they look- we are ALL beautiful. (Hey, guys- YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL TOO!) Just because society and media shame you if you don’t fit into your mold, doesn’t mean we have to believe them.

I want to see my LGBTQ friends celebrate their lives and relationships proudly and out. I want them to not be ashamed of their sexuality, their choices, their lives. I want them to be happy, and I want to be able to capture those moments and celebrate with them.

For those with mental health and disabilities, I want to end the stigma. I’m not ashamed to say I have depression- I don’t know many people who don’t suffer from some kind of invisible or visible illness. Let us be seen.

Oh, and how can anyone forget my love of nature? As a  nature child, I can’t not be passionate about the world surrounding us and the animals who we share this planet with. Nature was and is my first love, and has always been my place to return to when I need to recharge and be away from the havoc of people. A very large chunk of my portfolio and work is based in nature and animals. A day without animals- whether my cats, or a day at Howling Woods- is a day wasted. (Kind of like a day without music. I need that daily, as well.)

In a very tiny view- that is me, that is what makes up Kat Lucille Photo.


Who are you?

Phrases That Make Photographers Want to Throw Their Hands Up

Photographers hear a lot of things, ranging from amusing to outright disrespectful. It happens in every line of work there is- particularly those of the artistic kind. Here, I’ve thrown together a few of the ones I hear most often, and what goes through my (and I’m sure many colleagues’) mind.

“You must have a great camera”
 Why thank you- yes, my camera is pretty nice, isn’t it? Shame that’s not what makes the photo. I work hard to get to the point of producing the photos you see in the end. 

“Can you Photoshop that?”
I’m not a miracle worker- I’m not a Photoshop artist. I’m a photographer. Please understand that. Yes, there’s a chance I could Photoshop that for you, but that’s going to cost extra.

“I’d love for you to come to my event! Do you  mind bringing your camera?”
This line tends to come from family and friends, and is well-meaning, but still frustrating. A way to ask for free service by inviting me to your party is not cool. Either invite me to your party to be a part of the celebration, or pay me to photograph the event. 

“Can I have all the files?”
Have you seen that image of Beyonce going around? That is why we don’t send you all the files. Not every image is on point, we’re only human after all- and our reputation depends upon our work. Please understand that the files we send you to review are the ones you will receive, and have been pruned out of the not-so-glamorous ones. 

“But why does it cost so much?”
Why do most things cost a lot of money? Equipment, schooling, travel, the time it takes not only to shoot, but the post-process, the supplies… There is a lot more that goes into photography than just purchasing a camera and pressing the shutter button. 

“Can I get a discount for xyz?” or “Is it cheaper if I only want a couple shots?”
Would you ask a professional such as a doctor, or a teacher, for a discount? Why is it fair to ask a photographer for one? Just because you want less shots, doesn’t mean we put less work in. It still takes the time to do the work. We’re still giving you all our professionalism, our talents, our time. 

“Can you not watermark it? I’d like to print it.”
Now, if we did a paid shoot, then I give you a release to go ahead and print the non-watermarked images I sent you. If we did a TF shoot, I send you low-resolution, watermarked images… and not the rights to print it.

“Oh, we can just get Uncle/Aunt/Best Friend/Dog to shoot.”
Okay, well then, you can deal with the results of them shooting. Please don’t complain to me when you don’t have the type of images you hoped for. 
I understand trying to save money, the economy isn’t pleasant right now, but when you want moments captured in a way that you can treasure them forever- letting yourself go for the cheapest option isn’t the best. 

“Your job is so easy! You just press a button.”
Sure! My job is super easy! Anyone can do it! (Please, note sarcasm.) I manage a schedule with clients, a day job and social life. In the winter, I work two jobs. I travel to most clients, or have to set up and prep the studio prior to a shoot, spend 1 to 3 hours on a shoot, travel home (or clean up studio). I sit for hours going through photos to send to clients, post processing and administrative work to keep up on budgets, taxes and other paperwork. I spend hours on social media, arranging posts and updating my website to keep it appealing to draw in new clientele. Just to name a few things. 

“Want to do TF for Exposure?” or, “If we shoot together, I’ll promote you!” 
Exposure does not pay the rent, put food on my table, or gas in my car. Promotion is great if it gets me more bookings, or can expand my client base, but it does nothing to help in daily life. 

“Can you shoot xyz?” “Sure, my rates are 123!” *crickets* or “Confirming for Tuesday, please respond.” *crickets* 
Photographer’s time is the same as arranging an appointment with a health professional. Our time is precious! Please don’t waste it.
If you don’t like rates being sent to you, simply responding with a “No, thank you” or a “Not right now” is fine! Leaving us hanging is not. 
If you’re booked for a shoot already- please respond to your emails/texts/voicemails! Ghosting on us makes us believe that the shoot should be canned, and we should move on. For you to last minute show up anyway throws everything off. Photographers should not have to chase you down- and most won’t. 

“Can we do this image I saw on Pinterest/Google/Tumblr/Instagram?”
While I am more than cool with using another’s images as a reference or inspiration- hell, I have a HUGE Pinterest account full of such boards- it is  NOT cool to try and exactly copy another artist’s piece. Please don’t do that, please don’t ask an artist to do that.  

“Can you  make me thinner/taller/bustier/etc?”
I shall refer back to “I am not a miracle worker, I am not a Photoshop artist.” Plus, that’s not my style. I want you to be comfortable in your own skin. If that’s not what you’re looking for, please book someone who will make you unlike yourself. The only time this is flexible is when it comes to minor changes for cosplay shoots- like those folks who can’t wear contacts, but the character has weird eye colors. 

“Can you make this photo all black and white except for this piece?”
I mean, I can. And sometimes, it fits the image. Mostly, however- that is so cliche. 

“My smartphone/tablet takes pictures just as good.” 
Don’t get me wrong- smartphone and tablet cameras have come leaps and bounds, and quite a number of them are really good. I can say that my phone takes some wonderful images at times. But please refrain from trying to compare my camera to your phone. It’s disrespectful to the artist. I know some who depend on just phone-photography, but I would prefer to keep a DSLR in my hand. 


Exciting On-Goings

While I prep my next entry of how-to’s and tips/tricks, I wanted to take a few moments to let you know about the exciting things going on right now at Kat Lucille Photography!

First up- for a limited time, I am offering my Valentine’s Day Special! You can book your Valentine’s shoot for only $100- that’s over half off normal prices! This is only available until February 11th- so don’t waste any time!

I’m not sure how many of you know- for every two shoots you book,  you get the third shoot at 20% off! I keep track of my clients, so you don’t have to worry about wondering if you’ve hit the mark for your discount or not.

Now that the holidays are over, I am back in action with my book project series. This includes the Fae, Smoke and Let Me Cover You in Flowers! Sirens will be on hold until  the weather warms- I don’t need anyone getting sick on my account! The goal is to have Let Me Cover You in Flowers going into book form by the end of the year- so if you’re interested in taking part, please let me know!

Among other exciting news, I have teamed up with Jam Packed Studios and Synthesis Photography, LLC to start our own, exclusive photography collaboration group. We’ll be bringing you some amazing, high end work while letting our creative minds go wild! If you are a model interested in taking part in one of the upcoming collaborations, please feel free to message me.

Did you know that I am now also on Patreon? I’m presenting both sides of the lens on Patreon- giving you glimpses into the work I do as a model and a photographer. Patrons can join starting at just $1! *Please be aware, there is NSFW material. 

2017 is going to be an amazing year- full of creative, high-quality work. Don’t miss out on being a part of the photographic journey!

Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer?

It’s a question that myself and pretty much every photographer I know of has heard at least once. It’s a question that has had numerous articles pop up all over the web and in magazines as photographers struggle to get through to people why it’s so important to have a professional shoot for you, rather than having your relative or friend do it. You type “Why Should I Hire a Professional Photographer” into Google and the number of results you will get is astounding.  Even photographers hire other photographers! (And I can say that firsthand. I’ve hired other photographers, even outside of modeling, for head shots and the like!)

Here’s my take on it!

Most of the moments people wish to have photographed are once-in-a-lifetime moments that can never be replicated: Weddings, baby’s firsts, engagements, pets, school dances, etc. While time goes on and you may have another child or pet, it will never be the same for each. Each is special in its own way. In the most basic form- you want a professional photographer to ensure the moments are captured the first time around- as you won’t have a chance for a do-over.

In this growing age of digital, just about anyone can purchase a decent DSLR, or has a smartphone. Just the same, just about anyone can take a halfway decent picture using said camera. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good picture. There is more to taking a picture than owning a decent or high end camera and accessories. What many don’t understand is how far beyond “point and shoot” photography goes- and knowing the depths of the art is what makes professionals worth the time and money. Just because someone may have the biggest, most expensive camera and lens doesn’t mean they know how to utilize them properly. Don’t be fooled by the bling.

Professional photographers have a few things going for them. What I would deem the most important of these is the creative eye and attention to detail. Sure, you can look through a lens (or screen, or however you choose to take photos), see the expected image and go “That looks pretty!”. Photographers with the creative eye can see beyond that. Where you see someone standing on a beach, they see the way the sun is setting behind the person, the right angle to capture the glow on the subject’s face, the waves crashing, the gull flying into frame… all the little details that go missed by a point-and-click. Professional photographers can take a scene and make it come to life in the lens. Dappled sunlight on an engagement session, crisp and clean head shots, soft and sweet baby photos. Professional photographers take what may be mundane and create art.

Professional photographers have also had the experience to back them up. While yes, you’re always going to have a starting point, professionals are the ones who have already had a few years under their belt. They are the ones who have grown comfortable with their cameras and equipment that it’s second nature to them to be switching settings on the fly- which more often than not, particularly at events such as weddings or on-location shoots, you are. They don’t fumble for the manual when they need to change settings,  it’s already ingrained in their brain. Professionals are never found using the “Auto” settings on their camera. It’s manual all the way for them, so they can achieve the right image the first time around. Professionals have learned- whether through official schooling, a mentor, trial-and-error, or all of the above- the proper ways to frame an image, color balance, exposure and a multitude of other nuances that most don’t even think about.

Professional photographers have also gained experience in helping their clients/subjects pose, whether a single person is in frame or a large group. They understanding lighting and how each angle will affect the subject/look of the end product. Professionals understand and expect the unexpected while shooting.

They take the time to get to know their clients- no two sessions are ever alike! Professionals will talk to you, ask you questions and get to know your personality- all to be able to form the best shoot for you. Professionals take the knowledge they are given and use it to guide the session- from location, to styling, to posing and how to prepare for your shoot. Professionals also bring fresh eyes to a shoot, as opposed to a family member or friend who has known you for years. This lets them be able to offer suggestions that you may not have thought of before. Some photographers will even go and start a mood board for their clients to help with directing the session to a mold that both parties are looking forward to.

After the shoot, Professionals can and will take hours in the post process of images. Don’t think that just because the camera is no longer clicking that the work is done. There is quite a bit to go from there. While there is a difference between a Photographer and a Photoshop Artist (and please, before you book a shoot, be sure you’re booking which one you want!!), photographers are well aware and skilled in color correction, smoothing out wrinkles and removing unwanted objects and markings, among many other adjustments/corrections done to the image before the final product is presented. Professionals make sure the final image is a professional, polished image.

As a bonus thought- if you  hire a professional to do the photography, that means everyone gets to be in the photos! Too often if you have a relative or friend do the photography, that means they’re missing out on being in the frame and taking part in the moment. Not to mention- with a professional, you are given a level of, well, professionalism throughout the entire process. Professionals are there to perform a job, and while candor and laughter can happen often on shoots, they are still going to see the shoot through and maintain their professionalism.


Questions? Comments? Ideas for what you’d like to see in future posts? Let me know!

Photo Sessions Tips and Tricks: What Do I Wear?!

One of the most common questions a photographer will receive is the infamous “What do I wear?” Of course, per every session it is different- family sessions won’t exactly need the same recommendations that a boudoir session would!

In this article, I have pieced together some of my favorite recommendation links for different sessions. You can find most, if not all, of these on my Pinterest! I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me and clients of mine!

Engagement and Couple Shoots:
What to Wear: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/13440498866965640/
Brides’ Guide: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/52495151884782381/
Tips: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/100134791693050922/
Basics: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/256845984973680162/
Wedding Scoop: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/527906387543908350/
Color Combos: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/400820435564791918/

Family, Maternity & Children Sessions:
Extended Family Suggestions: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650107393885/
Pose with Daddy: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650106935500/
Outfit Suggestions: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650105566181/
11 Tips: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650107393798/
Maternity: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650102193991/
Tips for Family Sessions: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/87398048993745898/
Fall Outfits: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/261842165815264984/
Neutral Colors: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/431008626814140864/
Mint!: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/432134526726752614/
Fool Proof Guide: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/245938829629163974/

Boudoir Sessions:
What to Wear?: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650105567213/
Outfit Planning: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/252483122831983598/
Bridal Boudior: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/62206038580452000/
Gatsby Inspired: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/38210296818650570/
Black Lace: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/38210296818650560/
Lingerie Guide: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/108227197273167741/
Grecian Goddess: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/17381148541823248/
Red Lace: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/433541901605578771/
Soft & Sexy: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/544302304938130689/
Places to Shop: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/550002173224873400/


For ladies: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650104414768/
Color Guide: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/50384089554204508/

Makeup and Hair:
Basics: http://imgur.com/r/BeautyDiagrams/fX8bWkd
Makeup Hacks: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AQuPVsNKAKeB9ST-tE4AbWCLJdDWQbkJjCBPLcvait_oGHAYATf4W28/
Makeup Applicators: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650105534896/
Concealer Hacks: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650105506939/
“Hippie” Braids: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650105356814/
Makeup Tips: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/149533650104149467/


Have any links you’d like to share? Find any that don’t want to work? Let me know!

Tips & Tricks: Models: Genres of Modeling

In the day and age of the internet, with so many people diving into the modeling industry, most do not realize how many different genres there are and how to find the one they fit the most. Here, I’ve composed a list of the most commonly-known genres and a small description of what each one is like. While reading over, please note- just because it says it’s a size requirement, doesn’t mean you can’t make your way in anyway!

Booth Babe/Promotional Model: Models who work booths at conventions or are hired as a promo model tend to need to be outgoing and engaging. They are there to sell and represent a product or brand. An example would be the models who are at a bar representing a brand of beer.

Fashion: Fashion modeling is an umbrella term for several different types of modeling that typically have a strict body type requirments, as seen below:

  • Runway: Likely one of the most well-known forms of modeling, runway modeling is exactly what it sounds like. Falling under the umbrella term of “Fashion Modeling”, typically have to fit a very specific body type and size which varies by some designers- the goal is to fit what the designer has made. The “normal” requirements for runway models is 5’9″-6′ tall, 34-35 hips, and not very curvy. Models who are on the runway are moving art displays for designers.
  • Catalog/Print: Modeling meant to be printed in catalogs for companies. Examples would be the catalogs you receive from places like J.C. Penny’s, Sears, Macy’s, etc. Catalog work tends to book a wider variety of models, as they need to show a variety of products, brands, etc and so forth and cannot have everyone look the same.
  • Editorial: Along the lines of print modeling, but more selective. Editorial work usually has the aim for publication in mainstream magazines (I.E. Vogue, Elle, etc) and is edgier, showcasing a style or trend.
  • Fit: Fit models have the perfect body sizes and proportions for a certain clothing line or designer. Their role is to let designers see how their lines fit on a real person. Fit models are the least seen and often best paid models in the business.

Commercial and Print: Another umbrella term, commercial modeling generally does not have as strict requirements as fashion does. Commercial work tends to favor models who are expressive and able to act as many different “characters” to sell products.

  • Causal/Lifestyle: Exactly as it says- a casual, laid back looking form of modeling to mimic real-life situations. The type of modeling you would see in advertisements for places such as college dorms, healthcare ads, etc.
  • Corporate: Modeling with a business theme. You would find this type of modeling for places such as pharmacies, nurses, doctors, airline pilots, etc.
  • Swimwear: Generally more curvy than their fashion model counterparts, these models appear in advertisements for resorts, beaches, suntan or swimwear products.
  • Fitness/Sport: As opposed to “Fit” modeling, Fitness models are well-toned, and often have some kind of background in physical fitness. This type of modeling is often used in athletic journals and magazines, such as Runner’s World.
  • Lingerie: Lingerie can go one of two ways: the innocent, sweet smiling type that you see in places like J.C. Penny’s catalogs, wearing a bra and panty set, to the more mature toned imagery you find at Victoria’s Secret.
  • Glamour: Modeling with a sexual overtone. Glamour modeling can cover genres from lingerie to fashion. It can range from cheesecake pinup to more Maxim-type posing and everything in between. Glamour models tend to be more curvy and very attractive faces.
  • Alternative: Modeling that doesn’t fit the mainstream. Alt modeling has become very popular over the last few years, especially with the influx of people having tattoos and piercings. Alt modeling covers things such as goth, punk, heavily-modified models and more. The range for size and body type also is much wider and welcoming.
  • Boudoir:  Popular among woman as presents for their spouse/partner, boudoir is an intimate, romantic and sometimes erotic style. While boudoir has become more popular among models as well, it is normally a more private type of shoot for clients who have control over who sees the images. As opposed to glamour or art nudes, boudoir is more suggestive than explicit.
  • Pinup: Coming from the 40’s through 60’s, Pin Up is an old-fashioned style of pretty-girl photography that was originally meant to sell products. It is a non-explicit type of photography, also often called “cheesecake”. It’s the type of imagery you would once be able to find pinned to a wall in a mechanic’s workspace or a dorm room. The posing and facial expressions tend to be over-the-top flirtatious. Some popular pin up models are Bettie Page and Dita von Teese.   You can also look up work by artists such as Gil Elvgren.
  • Plus Size: The name of this genre is misleading. It is for full figured women, typically dress size 10 and up, and about 5’8″- 6’0″.
  • Petite Modeling: Models who fall into the heights of about 5’0″ to 5’5″ and dress size 0-4.
  • Maternity: As there is always a need for variety, maternity modeling is done by models who are currently pregnant and expecting.
  • Mature: The name of models who are in their 40’s and above.
  • Kids Modeling: As the name states, modeling that’s for kids and used for advertisements that involve children. Kids modeling covers from babies to tweens, or up to under 18.

Nude: Nude modeling also comes in different levels. Many times, photographers or other industry professionals may use the term “nude” or “adult modeling” to convey any of the following categories.

  • Artistic Nude: Posing nude for an artist, primarily for the purpose of creating art.
  • Erotic Nude: Modeling that is artistic but very sexual in nature. Borderlines with some as being pornographic, pending upon posing.
  • Glamour Nude: Nude work done in the style of Playboy or pin-up calendars. Models tend to be full nude, but genitals are not the forefront.  No “pink”, as the term would be.
  • Implied Nude: Implied nude is exactly what it sounds like. The model is nude, but posing and props make it that the actual body is not seen, or only teases the viewer. Typically, things like parasols, fabrics, and lighting are used to convey the appeal.

Parts Modeling: There are several companies that use parts models for their products, such as hair products or salons, jewelry and shoes. The most common parts models are for Hair, Hands and Legs. Models tend to keep their designated “part” in healthy shape as they know that will be the most commonly photographed part of them.

Art Modeling: Modeling for the purpose of creating art. Art models are seen at art classes, at Dr. Sketchy events, or hired for one-on-ones.

Cosplay: The shorthand of “costume play”, or the act of dressing up as a character. This genre has quickly gained popularity over the last few years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Cosplayers come in a wide variety- it’s about the love of the character/show as opposed to being the so-called “perfect” body type.

Fetish: Fetish modeling can vary between simply wearing fetish clothing such as latex or PVC, to work such as shibari, candle wax and bondage. Fetish can go from PG to explicit, depending up on the goals of the model and photographer.



This is just an overview of some of the more well-known subcategories of modeling. Do you know of ones I should add? Join the conversation at Facebook.


Photo Specials and Upcoming Projects

Good morning, good morning!

There are many exciting things on the way in my little photo world, and many things yet to come. I’ve been busy as a bee, working away on personal life projects and problems which has kept me away from photography- but I’m finally back in action and eager to get many shoots under my belt and into my queue.

Right now, I have a photo special going on that you can find information about here: https://www.facebook.com/KatLucillePhotography/photos/a.650761668375168.1073741828.649694568481878/931585530292779/?type=3&theater

This special will only last til August, so be sure to get in your session now!

On the projects end of things, I have a few things up my sleeves. As of late, I have found myself more and more attracted to doing emotional and conceptual work as opposed to standard glamour work. From this has sparked numerous projects including:

  • Let Me Cover You in Flowers
  • Sirens and Fae Courts
  • Smoke

Let Me Cover You in Flowers has the end goal of being a coffee-table book. Images contained will be of models of a wide variety covered in just as diverse amount of flowers and plant life in appealing, classy ways. This particular project has already begun and I have already had a number of lovely ladies in front of my camera, with more to come.

Sirens and Fae Courts is exactly that- I plan on bringing to life the myriad collection of mythological creatures, again with the end goal of a coffee-table book.

Smoke is the simplest of the ideas and is pretty self explanatory.


Want to be involved in any of these projects? Be sure to message me! I am still booking, as well as am open to makeup artists, wardrobe and hair stylists who wish to take part!